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Bugis Street + Bugis Junction + Haji Lane   For those who love to shop but do not want to cost a bomb in the pocket, bugis street is the place for you as it offers low price clothes, watches, accessories and variety of local specialties. Besides that, Bugis street is easily accessible via SMRT where it is located right across a street when you came out from the station. On top of that, Bugis Junction also located just side by side with Bugis street, a shopping mall with air-cond where you can shop for high street fashion and also have your lunch here. If you want to have something special, then you may pay a visit to Haji Lane that is located 5mins from Bugis MRT, where you can find a lot of cozy café and middle east food.      Bugis Street Haji Lane ~ Random window display ~   Garden by the Bay + Marina Bay Sands + Singapore Flyer   If you come to Singapore, you must plan a visit to Garden by the Bay. Either by just strolling at the outdoor garden to walk betw
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I Luv Denmark_Part 2: Place of Interest

  I know it has been a long time since my last post for my Denmark trip. Sorry for the delay.... Ok, as per promise in Part 1, I will share about the places of interest and also some food and beverage that I have tried along the trip. I will list it out as below with some pictures and comments on the individual places, hope you will enjoy! 1. The Little Mermaid Sculpture A bronze statue displayed at the waterfront at the Langelinie promenade in Copenhagen, is the landmark of must visit when you come to Copenhagen Denmark. Sit at the top of my list is due to I grown up with the fairy tale of Little Mermaid written by Hans Christian Andresen. The Little Mermaid, quietly sitting on the rock and waiting.   2. St. Alban Church   After taking some picture of The little mermaid, we explore around the area and came across this beautiful church which is open to public. It is call St. Alban Church, which is built in 1887. St. Alban Church interior with interesting and bea

Splurge Getaway: Avani Sepang Goldcoast Birthday trip

  Sepang Goldcoast resort, now known as Avani Sepang Goldcoast resort is a perfect vacation place on my wish list. My beloved boyfie has planned this trip to bring me to the Avani Sepang Goldcoast during my 26th birthday. We are so lucky to be able to book a superior room which will normally cost about RM700 with only RM380 ~ ~ ~ So excited!!!! The skyview of the resort. *Photo from the official website Exterior view of the resort. *Photo from the official website   It is located near to Tanjung Sepat, and you can find the coordination here . It tooks us about 4 hours drive from Penang island to reach there. Upon arrival, boyfie drop me at the lobby entrance and he needs to park the car outside of the resort where buggy will be at service. Immediately, I'm greet by the hotel staff and the luggage has been taken care of. This is the nice part staying at a good hotel! Then I proceed to check in while waiting for boyfie to join me from parking. Our room is ready so we proc

1st cosmetic product review: Clinique Anti-Blemish Liquid Foundation

I have never done a review on any cosmetic product previously, but recently I found that it will be quite interesting and meaningful to share with all of you what I found to be able to work for me. I must admit I'm not a girl who is very good or research a lot in make up or skin care, but I do follow my beauty regime (cleanse, tone, hydrate, and add on function according to you need), and I do put on make up sometimes or occasionally :p Recently I just purchase a new foundation as the one that I'm using (Dior Snow series) is finishing, and I would like to try on a new one :) So I went to the departmental store to have a look and survey. At the end of the day, I purchase this Clinique Anti-Blemish Liquid foundation because I do have blemishes and acne (especially at the jawlines.....). And I'm also looking for a product that does not cause my skin to look oily and cakey at the end of the day. This product claimed to be oil-free, and helps to conceal and control breakout at

I Luv Denmark_Part 1

I work for a Danish company, and at the end of September this year I have been given an opportunity to travel to Denmark as a business trip. It is autumn time when I travel there, and I stay around for about 3 weeks. This is the first time I’m travelling to Europe so I am super excited and feels so blessed!!!! I found Denmark to be a lovely country so I decided to write a post to share with all of you on my experience.   Introduction Denmark, is a Scandinavian country in northern Europe, located southwest of Sweden and south of Norway, and bordered to the south by Germany. As a member of EU, Danish krone (DKK) is still widely use, and they accept Euro in some of the restaurant or shop. You will have to prepare Danish krone if you are travelling to Denmark (the currency is about RM1 to DKK 1.80). Official language is Danish, mostly seen on signboard. However most of the people speaks English, and you can find English signboard in most of the places in Copenhagen.   F